1 Night, 1 Pagne at Home dress

1 Night, 1 Pagne at Home dress

Aissatou Diallo Sagna, the rising star and recipient of the Cannes Film Festival's Best Supporting Actress award, has made headlines for her stunning performance and her impeccable fashion sense.

She recently graced the stage at the Kery James concert wearing a creation by Pagne at Home, and we couldn't be prouder.

At Pagne at Home, we are committed to promoting African culture through our fashion creations, and Aissatou's values and passion for African heritage perfectly align with ours. Her decision to wear our outfit at such a high-profile event is a testament to our brand's quality and commitment to empowering African fashion.

As a strong advocate for African cinema and culture, Aissatou's style and her performances reflect her dedication to portraying the richness and diversity of African stories.

Her choice to wear a Pagne at Home creation at the Kery James concert is a true reflection of her commitment to showcasing the beauty of African culture.

Our 2 pieces set worn by Aissatou, are perfect examples of how we merge modern design with African inspiration to create unique and elegant pieces. These pieces are versatile, comfortable, and perfect for any occasion.



We are thrilled to have Aissatou as an ambassador for our brand and to be a part of her journey. Her passion and dedication to her craft, combined with her love for African culture, make her a true inspiration to us and many others.

Thank you, Aissatou, for your continued support of African fashion, and we look forward to seeing you in more Pagne at Home creations.